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Information about the blue wine

We are so excited about the blue wine that it’s a great pleasure to answer all of your questions.

Don’t hesitate to visit the section Further information of this website. And if you want to learn more technical details about our product, you can also download the anti-technical sheet.

Is it suitable for vegans?

Yes it is! No animals were harmed in the making of this wine. We made the wine that we would love to drink ourselves, so animal cruelty was never a choice since one of the founders is vegan  ??.

No sugar added ?… so how is it sweet?

We are heavily against sugar because of this and this. So in our search for a wine that is both sweet and healthy, we chose to work with non-caloric compounds that have been thoroughly evaluated by the European Food Safety Authority, and therefore do not cause any allergies nor other proven side effects ?. Plus, we employ infinitesimal amounts, so its as healthy as a wine gets.


12247011_10153674005130928_2937124655914482671_nMary Macua

Customer happiness manager at Gik


Tracking link*

track ukTo track your order, please head to this web page and write your order number: it will be something like UK-1234. You will find your order number in the confirmation email that we sent you to your email address and you will be able to track it when it leaves our warehouse.

You can also call 0121 275 0500 to speak with the carrier (DPD).

*Due to an unexpected problem, orders completed during July may take quite longer than usual to be delivered. Please accept our most sincere apologies for the inconvenience, we promise we are working to solve it as soon as possible.

Payment by bank transfer

In some cases, it may happen that we have difficulties associating the order with a payment. If you paid through wire transfer, we would appreciate if you could please attach a proof of payment.

Please excuse us and hank you for your understanding ?.


12247011_10153674005130928_2937124655914482671_nMary Macua

Happiness manager at Gik

Technical problem with the web page

Ups! Please excuse us ? … We will solve the problem as soon as possible! ?


It would be great to see the issue live ?. Could you please attach a screenshot of the problem? That would help enormously our IT guy.

Help: How to make a screenshot?

Thank you for warning us of this error. You are helping us provide a better service to all our customers ?.


Gorka Maiztegi
Much more than the IT guy

Quotations for special orders

We are thrilled to be your special wine for your special occasion. Tell us what you want and we will answer you with pleasure.

Commemorations and celebrations

The birth of a child ?? ???  A birthday? A graduation ?? We accompany you everywhere. Let us know the date of the event and tell us what you had in mind! ?

Weddings ? ?

Let us know the approximate date of your wedding and tell us what you had in mind. And congratulations!

Business gifts ? ?

Please tell us about your company and your needs: quantity, packaging, time frame… We will contact you as soon as possible with a budget.

Are you a distributor? ? ?

Please, head to the distribution area, where you will find the right contact form and information about the product.

Are you a store? ? ?

If you are a business and want to work with us, please tell us about your business and we will reply as soon as possible.

Are you a journalist? ???

You can find information, photos, videos and a contact address in the press room.

Best regards,

ImanolManny Wolf
+34 690077675
[email protected]

Can I buy from the US ???

If you are located in the US, please head to You won’t be able to make orders from the states through this site.

Where should I store the wine?

That’s a good question. We recommend keeping it in a cool, dry environment, out of the reach sunlight. The fridge is ideal for storing your bottle of Gïk. Long time exposure to sunlight may adversely affect the stability of the color.

What is the right temperature for service?

We do not want to tell anyone what to do. We like to drink the wine nicely chilled, below 13º C ⛄️, but you can enjoy it as you prefer. Your wine, your rules.

Can I buy it at a local store?

The answer to this question will be yes… one day. For now, however, the best way to purchase it is this web page. 

It is a pity that our very first clients have to endure this inconvenience, that future customers will not experience. Sorry for the hassle and thank you for your patience. We really appreciate your support.

Where are you located?

We are on the move a lot so the Internet and our email inboxes have become our actual workplace. However, we would be happy to meet you at our workshop in Spain, in the ZITEK startup incubator.


MaryMary Macua

Happiness manager at Gik

Out of stock? ?

Due to the unexpected and incredible international demand, we ran out of stock, so purchasing won’t be possible until further notice.

The production process is not as easy or fast as we would like it to be, but we are working hard to create more Gïk as soon as possible and we will keep you all informed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.