Unicorn Tears Christmas Edition

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  • This pack includes two bottles of Unicorn Tears and one bottle of champagne
  • Mix half a glass of Unicorn Tears and another half of champagne
  • Garnish with a frozen raspberry
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Unicorn Tears

The perfect mix of tradition and innovation

As the upcoming holiday season is never complete without an appropriate toast, we wanted to turn Unicorn Tears into a beverage that perfectly matched any Christmas celebrations. We asked you through Instagram and you gave us the clue: mixing it with champagne.

Discover the easiest, most colourful and sparkly cocktail that you can have this year. So as to make it even easier for you, we created this special Christmas pack with the essential ingredientes.

There are three different, choose yours!

To turn regular days into wonderful days

Fill your events with joy, smiles and looks. Unicorn tears is perfect for meetings, whether they are big parties, or just enjoying company of your significant other.

Unicorn tears is also perfect to give as a gift to someone dear and to brighten the day along with a cuddle. Whether it’s your soulmate, your sister or your BFF, you can enjoy this rosé wine wherever you please: from the comfort of your couch or from your favorite corner of the world.

unicorn tears rose wine

The pinkest rosé

Unicorn tears is an autentic pink rosé that will add the magic touch to any party. The pink hue is so magical that it’s hard to believe it’s natural – but it is!

The pink colour is also a sign of security and personality. Do not fear – proudly enjoy a glass of the pinkest rosé, either with friends or at home.

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